Our Impact

Since 2007, Eco Africa Social Ventures has been empowering hundreds of previously unemployed and unskilled women with income-generating crafting skills. Our work, however, goes beyond skills training – we not only empower communities to form self-sustaining crafting enterprises, but we also lay the groundwork to improve their overall quality of life.MORE

Meet The Artisans

They smile and laugh for the camera but the challenges they face outside of their work-day are beyond what most can ever imagine. Most relatives are unemployed so it is upon the one who earns to feed and clothe the rest. They are heroes! Learn the stories of some artisans whose lives Eco Africa has touched. These are the faces of an Africa you can help us change for the better.MORE

See Their Products

Zimbabwe is acclaimed throughout Africa and the world for its artistry and fine crafts, including stone sculpting, wire and bead art, and wood carving. Eco Africa Social Ventures is fully committed to connecting the crafting communities it supports with buyers and supporters worldwide. Take a look at some of the products made by the artisans we support!MORE

Social Enterprise

Eco Africa formed a partnership in the nineties with women in Zimbabwe to fight poverty. As a social enterprise the focus is on skills training and job creation. The women proudly call themselves Eco Africa Paper Crafters. They produce handmade paper and craft gift products made from the paper to fulfill orders from around the world!MORE