Meet the Artisans

“I am a married young lady aged twenty one with one child who spends the weekdays at our daycare center. Since 2004 I have been working as a paper-crafter. The money that I bring home enables me to take care of my family. I have also gained experience as a decorator of our products which is useful for my future.”

“I am a twenty-four year old lady working with Eco Africa as a paper crafter. I really enjoy my work. I like making new friends.
I am still single and Eco Africa helps my life financially.”

“I, Hilda was born on the 8th of August 1977 and did my schooling in the town of Bulawayo. After school I worked for a few companies as a dress-maker and shop assistant. I am working now at Eco Africa as a paper crafter.
I have learned a lot from Eco Africa and hope to further my experience if luck knocks on my door one day. I have just taken my o-level exams for which I studied after work. Eco Africa has helped in the upkeep of my family and my little daughter Lianne.”

“I am Rosina and I am twenty three years old. I work with Eco Africa as a paper crafter and I do a lot of die-cutting. I enjoy my work a lot with the funny dies that I cut. We are eight in our family and I am not yet married.”

“I am Bester, a woman aged 32 and I live at St Mary’s district and I have three children. Most of the time I spend here at Eco Africa and during the weekend I go to church. Eco Africa is helping us to survive with our families. St Mary’s is just a small community and I walk at least a kilometer to our workshop.”

“My name is Trish Johns aged 21 years. I am married and I stay at St Mary’s district in Chitungwiza quite near our workshops with my husband and mother in law. I work as a paper-crafter and a die cutter. I enjoy my work and the money I bring home is enough for me and my family. I have one brother and one sister and both our parents are dead. My sister and brother are staying with my granny who is crippled so I pay school fees for them.”

“I am Charity and I became a paper crafter when Eco Africa started in 2003. I am in charge of the papers and counting them when they come into the mission. I married three years ago and now I have a little baby boy who goes to the day care center and is always full of mischief. After work everyone makes a fuss of him.